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Associazione Nazionale Amministratori Condominiali e Immobiliari (ANACI)

ANACI was established in 1995 by merger of ANAI and AIACI. Today ANACI unites in the organisation more than 8,000 property managers from all over Italy.

The aim of the ANACI organisation is to promote the interest of the real estate profession as well as to obtain a law that disciplines the profession of Italian property managers.
The organisation promotes furthermore the real estate profession through study and courses in order to assist to a modern development of this profession.
The head office and the national board of directors are in Rome. There are further local offices in every large Italian city.
ANACI incorporates professionals in the field of real estate brokerage and property management.
ANACI does not depend on any political party or movement and is willing to co-operate as much as possible with other similar national and international organisations. To fulfill the aims of the organisation, ANACI is also active in all other fields that have a link and can contribute to the professionalising and education of the Italian property managers.
In order to serve the interest of its members and to provide them with all the help they may need, ANACI aims to have a seat in as many consultative bodies as possible.
ANACI follows all developments in the governmental area in order to protect the profession of her members and to assure their working field.
The members of ANACI are held to respect the rules of the organisation and to apply free rule.
In case of disagreements between members they are obliged to reach a compromise through an independent ANACI-arbiter.