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Schweizerischer Verband der Immobilienwirtschaft (SVIT Schweiz)

The Swiss Real Estate Association which was founded in 1933, has over 2,000 members. The SVIT consists of tenregional associations and five Chambers, the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Valuers (SEK), the chamber of Independent Constructors (KUB), the Chamber of Facility Management (SVIT FM), the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (SMK) and the Chamber of Condominimum Ownership (STWE).

The Real estate sector plays a very important part in Swiss economics with its value of real estate property being over 2,500 billion Swiss francs. Half of this value is managed and held in trust by SVIT members.

SVIT is committed to the professional interests of its members. Thus, SVIT takes an active part in legal, fiscal and financial issues.

Professional education is of particular importance to SVIT and its members. The quality of SVIT schools is widely recognized and the diplomas are approved by the State.

Being aware of their social responsibility, SVIT trustees, brokers and valuers follow a strict Code of Ethics.