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CEPI Meetings 2021
CEPI Board of Directors - 27/01/2021 (web-based)
CEPI General Meeting - 2021 (TBC)


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Asociación Profesional de Gestores Intermediarios en Promociones de Edificaciones (GIPE)


The Professional Association of Real Estate Managers in Building Promotions (GIPE) is an association of real estate professionals who, as such, offer their intermediation and management services in all types of real estate transactions, with offices throughout the national territory.


We want to be the organization chosen by real estate brokerage professionals for their innovation, solutions, products and services. We want to be recognized for the human and professional quality of our partners and for our contribution to the sector.


GIPE is constituted as an avant-garde organization, giving the necessary support and support to real estate managers in Spain to carry out work in accordance with current market demands.
GIPE is the stable instrument of the policies of communicative action, offering the real estate products and services of its associates.


• The defense of the interests of all its members in the exercise of their profession as a collective, the functions of the associates being intermediation and management in all types of real estate transactions. These functions will be exercised in a personal capacity.
• Collaboration, assistance and legal advice to associates in the performance of their profession, through the technical services contracted.
• Encourage collaboration and solidarity among its members, as well as respect for the profession.