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National Real Estate Association Bulgaria - NREA

The NATIONAL REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION was founded in 1992 by the top 20 real estate agencies in Bulgaria. Today the association manages its structure through 12 regional branches bringing together companies from 28 cities in the country and over 1,500 professionals.

The MEMBERS OF NREA are companies and individuals involved in the performance of professional services in real estate who want to practice their profession in a legal, ethical and professional manner. Through tools for communication and integration NREA creates conditions for professional collaboration, building trust between professionals, synchronization of work standards, enhancing professional qualifications, awareness, topicality.

NREA is an authoritative member of the international organizations FIABCI, CEPI, CEREAN, NAR, the International Ethical Standard Coalition, as well as Bulgarian employers organizations BCCI and CEIBG. It is a member of Bulgarian Institute for Standardization. Partner of the University of National and World Economy, the University of Economics - Varna, the Professional Schools of Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia and Varna.

The organization has its own PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CENTER, designed to prepare employees in real estate on a voluntary basis. Through validation examinations of the knowledge for professional qualification, real estate agents receive a certificate of proficiency in the profession "REAL ESTATE AGENT" according to the Decree №21 / 09.01.2012 of MES.

The MAIN MISSION of NREA is the quality and regulation in the professional business, the ethics and trust, both between the organization's members and to consumers.


• To impose European and international standards and best practices for the services offered by real estate agencies;

• To ensure ethical environment for partnership and business between its members;

• To protect the interests of all stakeholders in the real estate business;

• To strengthen and expand its network of partnerships for the benefit of its members;

• To support the professional development of real estate agents;


• To build a positive image of the profession "real estate agent" with the introduction of regulations and standards applicable to all existing market intermediaries.