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Real Estate Association of Athens (ATTICA)

The Real Estate Association of Athens-Attica was founded in 1920 by few pioneer estate agents having as purpose to study, protect, promote and develop the moral, intellectual, economic and above all the professional interests of the aforesaid real estate agents.

The purpose of the Association is fulfilled by studying and monitoring professional and related economic issues as well as by lectures and colloquium, with teachings of Urban Real Estate Law Contracts, with the publication of newspapers or other publications that serve the professional interests of the members, with the knowledge and application of the Real Estate legislation and by prosecuting those they exercise illegally the profession of the real estate agent. We also organize courses, conferences, training seminars and all kinds of events due to inform and professionally train our members and promote the aims of the Association.

We are issuing and distributing printed matter of all kinds, magazines, newspapers and books relating to the profession of the broker, inform members and public via our website about all relevant matters and we daily struggle for the evolution of the real estate profession in Greece