URBAN Intergroup meets with its partners

The URBAN Intergroup held its first official meeting with partner organizations on 24 February 2010 at the European Parliament. On the agenda were global challenges for the world's towns and cities and the priorities of the Intergroup. Made up of almost 70 MEPs from different countries and political parties, it will discuss urban related issues on a cross-party and cross-committee basis. CEPI is particularly happy to support the work of this Intergroup. 

The URBAN-Housing Intergroup was set up in the 2004-2009 parliamentary term with the objective of ensuring that the European Parliament takes account of urban-related problems in its decision making. With the constitution of the new Parliament, a new URBAN Intergroup has been formed, led by its President Jan Olbrycht MEP.

The URBAN Intergroup consists of nearly 70 MEPs from different countries and brings together all the political groups in the Parliament. It aims to discuss urban related issues without strong connections to any one political party, parliamentary committee or partner. It has approximately one hundred partner organizations at local, regional, national and European level.

The work of the URBAN Intergroup focuses on subjects related to the sustainable development of urban areas such as the environment and energy efficiency, urban transport, housing, services of general interest and the impact of the financial and economic crisis on cities. It aims to monitor the work of parliamentary committees on urban related issues, work on common EU strategies, be involved in the preparation of EU legislation, stay in touch with partners and practitioners and provide information about new policies.

The Intergroup will meet once a month in Strasbourg and will co-organize conferences and events with its partners. We will of course follow its work closely.