First TRC course for European brokers in Finland

The Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies (KVKL) is organizing a Transnational Referrals Certification (TRC) course in March. The course is intended not only for Finns but also for participants from other European countries. “This this type of course directed to all realtors regardless of their nationality is new in Europe. International collaboration strengthens and secures the future of realtors”, said the CEO and Managing Director of KVKL, Mr Jukka Malila. Real estate agents from Finland and other Nordic Countries will attend the class - participants from other European countries - or even other parts of the world - will also be very welcome.
The course will take place in Helsinki Fair Centre (in Finnish: Helsingin Messukeskus) on next 27 March. The high level instructor, coach and lecturer of this seminar is the Managing Director and CEO of ICREA, Mr. Thijs Stoffer.

After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate and will have the possibility to use the TRC abbreviation for marketing purposes. The TRC-system offers a wonderful opportunity for all international-minded brokers. Practice has shown that TRC-collaboration can benefit very well the brokers who use the system.

For more information, please contact KVKL’s office