The European Housing Forum 2010 Lecture Series

The European Housing Forum held the first of four lectures on "Changing Climate, Changing Lifestyles, The Role of Housing in the EU" on Tuesday 30 March 2010. CEPI welcomes the discussion of this important issue. More information is available at The European Housing Forum currently has eleven member organizations working on housing issues. Housing is not a matter of EU competence but the actions of the EU increasingly impact upon it. The first lecture on 30 March was on "Are the Poor Necessarily Housing Poor? –Strategies on Housing Exclusion", the others address issues such as housing requirements for changing lifestyles, an ageing generation and the urban future for Europe. 2010 is the European Year to fight poverty and social exclusion, and it is appropriate to consider how these issues can be addressed at a European level. The lecture series will also draw further attention to these issues in advance of the meeting of the European Housing Ministers in Spain in June.