Services: a slow implementation…

MEPS met with members of national parliaments on 27 April to discuss the state of play concerning the implementation of the Services Directive. There remain problems with its transposition and the introduction of one-stop shops for businesses. 21 Member States have notified the European Commission that they have completed the process. CEPI welcomes consideration of the difficulties still impeding the full implementation of the Directive.
The Services Directive was due to be implemented in national law by 28 December 2009. Four months later some difficulties remain. In particular the Directive requires the Member States to eliminate administrative barriers to the free movement of services, a process which has meant the amendment of 600 national laws so far. This has posed problems, particularly for those countries with a federal structure.

The Directive also requires the establishment of one-stop shops for businesses wishing to provide services abroad and enable them to access information and complete formalities quickly. Such facilities exist in 21 member states but are limited in the assistance they offer and also in terms of languages used.

Each Member State is also expected to submit a list of proposals that discriminate against other states and to justify them on public interest grounds. The discriminatory proposals must also be examined by the other Member States.

A parliamentary report is expected in the near future on the progress made in transposing the Directive and its impact.