CEPI meets… Mr Jürgen Tiedje

CEPI is launching a new section on our website: «CEPI meets…». From now on we will regularly publish an interview with a decision maker on issues in the EU pipeline of key importance for property professionals throughout Europe. The first guest is Jürgen Tiedje, Head of Unit D4 at DG Internal Market (European Commission), dealing with professional qualifications. The 2005 Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications applies to any citizen wishing to practice his profession in a Member State other than the one in which he acquired his qualifications. Its aim is to make labour markets more flexible, further liberalise the provision of services, encourage more automatic recognition of qualifications, including those of property professionals, and simplify administrative procedures.

Mr Tiedje responded for us to a series of questions on the stakes for property professionals, on the position of the Commission, on the reason why the EU has been interested in the issue of professional qualifications for many years, and finally on the objectives of the current evaluation which may lead to the review of the Directive. Based on the experience "on the ground" of our members, we will certainly make our views heard in this discussion. 

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