A, B, A+, A++… new labelling system for energy-using products

The existing Labeling Directive introduced the energy label (the A-G rating system) for household appliances including refrigerators, freezers, ovens, washing machines etc. In May the European Parliament adopted the recast of the Energy Labeling Directive which extends the use of energy labeling to additional products. Member States will have one year (until June 2011) to transpose it into national legislation. The existing labeling scale will be differentiated by adding the new classes A+, A++ and A+++. Based on the Directive the European Commission will identify a number of products in the commercial and industrial sector to bring into the new labeling system, such as water heaters and boilers. The European Commission will later adopt delegated regulations for each product. The new label will then be mandatory for products placed on the market from 12 months after the delegated regulation has been published in the Official Journal.