What rights do professionals have if they want to work abroad?

There are opportunities for property professionals today in the internal market of the European Union to develop and offer their services in different countries. Accordingly, CEPI has prepared its own guide to the recognition of professional qualification targeted at property professionals to make it easier for them to understand and exercise their rights.

The European Union ensures many rights for its citizens, including the right of free movement to live and work in different countries. However professionals need to know how to have their professional qualifications recognized in another country. The 2005 Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications sets out the rules which professionals need to follow. Property professionals fall within the general system applicable under the Directive, which means that qualifications have to be dealt with on a case by case basis depending on whether or not the profession is regulated in a particular country. It also depends if substantial differences exist between the qualification obtained in the professional's home country and that required in the host country.

Our "Guide to the Recognition of Professional Qualifications in the EU" aims to answer some common questions about how this system works, and is available to CEPI member associations and their affiliates at national level.