The Commission consults on the Services Directive

The Commission has launched a consultation on the "mutual evaluation process" provided for by the Services Directive. The Directive provides for measures which may restrict the free movement of services to be reviewed. As well as analyzing their own laws relating to services, EU Member States must mutually evaluate the national measures under review. The Commission is seeking views as to those measures which relate to requirements imposed either on the establishment of service providers or on the cross-border provision of their services. These are laws, regulations or professional rules that companies and individuals have to comply with when they want to establish their business in an EU Member State or when providing cross-border services into another EU country. The correct implementation of the Services Directive is an important issue for property professionals and one which CEPI follows with interest. 

The Commission wants views as to whether or not the requirements which have been maintained by Member States (such as authorisation schemes, requirements as to the provision of a service) comply with the principles of the Directive or should have been modified or abolished. The consultation covers both new legislation implementing the Directive and existing legal provisions which have not been changed. There is an overview as to the situation in each of the Member States here.

The questionnaire published with the consultation asks respondents to say (for a particular country and service sector) whether or not they consider that there are requirements which are unnecessarily burdensome and/or discriminatory, and why. The deadline for replies to the consultation is 13 September 2010.