Changing of the guard at the Confédération des Immobiliers de Belgique

CIB Flanders has elected Mrs Kristien Berkein as the new president of the association. CEPI warmly congratulates her. We would like to thank the outgoing president, Luc Mahon, for years of valued collaboration and wish Kristien Berkein a happy and effective presidency.
The Confédération des Immobiliers de Belgique is a founding member of EPAG and CEAB. The Flemish section of CIB has always been and remains a committed actor in the construction of a European platform. Luc Mahon presided over CIB Flanders efficiently and firmly in recent years, making wise choices concerning the professionalization of services to members. Since the summer of 2010, he has presided over the Institut Professionel de l"Immobilier, which CEPI has had the pleasure of welcoming back within its fold.

Kristien Berkein is co-director of an estate agency in Roeselare, not far from the French border. Her grandfather was a businessman, at the head of a large family business. Her father chose to become an architect; she married a promoter developer. Therefore buildings and real estate always featured in family conversations and activities.

Yet Kristien Berkstein found property by a detour, because her passion for art history and languages led her to train in the tourist sector. From 1984 however, she was engaged by a property company and specialized in the residential sector and the management of business parks. She is also known for her expertise in the matter of energy.

"CIB must be what its members expect of it", confides the new president: "professional support in the largest sense, a source of political influence in order that the point of view of professionals is reflected in legislation and regulations; legal and commercial support, educational support and a network for affiliates".

CIB represents a quality label. However it is useless to shut one's eyes to numerous challenges, better information, more effective coaching, and increased communication are on the agenda. A more active collaboration with the cadastral authorities represents a first challenge with a view to simplifying, centralizing and optimizing the research and registration of data.