CEPI presents its view at a Public Hearing on Professional Qualifications

On 21 February the European Commission held a public hearing in Brussels on the consultation launched by DG Internal Market on the Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications. Around 200 participants heard presentations from various experts from different EU Member States and professional associations including CEPI. In his speech, Frans Burgering, CEPI's Past President, focused on The professions and the Single Market: a perspective from professionals. CEPI had been invited to give its views on the third section of the consultation document ("Integrating professionals into the Single Market"), including the introduction of a European professional card, the development of European curricula, numbers of regulated professions and on temporary mobility. These are all important points for the real estate sector, particularly the European professional card and the possible development of European curricula (or a 28th regime). CEPI will now consult further with its member associations and prepare a full response to the consultation. All the presentations have been published by DG Internal Market on its website.