CEPI meets… Michel Barnier

This month we interviewed Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services in the framework of our "CEPI meets" heading. He accepted to respond to our concerns about the re-launch of the Single Market in the Single Market Act and its impact on property professionals. As representative of the sector, the issue is of course extremely important to us and raises a number of questions... 

We wonder if we can expect a more integrated European property market with fewer differences between countries. We also took the opportunity to ask the Commissioner what action the Commission plans to take to follow up on the results of the recent mutual evaluation exercise conducted on the implementation of the Services Directive. One of our other questions referred to the evaluation of the possibility of a European professional card and its possible benefits. We finally asked him how the Commission would wish to promote cross-border lending, and what advantages a possible legislation on alternative dispute resolution (already used with some success in the property sector) would bring.
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