Nordic Real Estate Union (NEU) under Finnish leadership

The Nordic Real Estate Union will be operated under Finnish leadership for the next two years. New positions were approved at the annual meeting of the association in Helsinki in April: Operations will be carried out by our member association KVKL (Finland). Mr. Kenneth Sandberg, Real Estate Director of OP-Pohjola, from Finland, was elected Chairman of the Union. Mr. Jukka Malila, CEO of KVKL, is taking over as Secretary General.

Founded on 15th of August 1920, NEU (acronym for Nordisk Egendomsmäklare Union) is the forum of the leading Nordic real estate agents´ associations, which elaborates and formulates common opinion, in relations notably to the European and global decision making in the real estate field. Its member countries include Denmark, Finland, Island, Norway and Sweden. NEU focuses mainly on information and research and since last year publishes the “Nordic Housing Insight”.