CEPI at the EU Sustainable Energy Week

On 13 April CEPI was represented by Carlo Hein (of our Luxembourg member association CIGDL) at the conference organised by the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) on “Energy Efficiency: How to convince property owners to renovate”, in the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week. We support efforts to raise the level of energy efficiency of Europe’s housing stock and agree with UIPI that the split incentive (or landlord/tenant dilemma) remains an obstacle to renovation. Mr Hein’s intervention focused on the practicality of split incentive solutions, and on what can be done in practice to overcome differences between landlord and tenant.

Information was shared about the experience of national property owners’ associations which had organised energy days in different countries to explore in detail what would persuade owners to renovate and what obstacles exist. In spite of a wealth of legislation, practical, often financial, barriers remain to be overcome.

Property professionals, and particularly property managers, have an important role to play in realising goals of energy efficiency in practice. We welcome the Commission’s interest in the existing practical problems, and particularly its intention to propose legislation to address the split incentive within national legal systems. We look forward to further developments in this field and will continue to seek to discover “best case examples” as to how the dilemma may be solved.

The presentation of Carlo Hein is available here.