New Real Estate Professionals Platform is born in Berlin

On 26 May, on the occasion of the European Congress organised and hosted by the German association IVD, Immobilienverband Deutschland in Berlin, CEPI and CEI, the Confédération Européenne de l’Immobilier, signed a new collaboration agreement and set up a joint European platform.

“The new Real Estate Professionals Platform will focus on the representation of interests of the real estate professions in Brussels. With this platform we aim to increase the sector’s representativeness and more effectively weigh on policy dossiers”, said Timo Multanen, President of CEPI, at the founding ceremony of the new platform. 

Addressing over 700 colleagues, Manuel Negrao, President of CEI, added: “To a very large extent, conditions and modalities to work in the Single Market are set in Brussels. Therefore we need a strong voice for the real estate professions in Brussels. The new platform will allow for all professionals to get their messages through”.

The revision of the Directive on Recognition of Professional Qualifications, a European Professional Card, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Standardization of Services, Energy Performance and Mortgage Credits are among the most important political dossiers that the real estate sector closely follows. “Efficiency in lobbying is also about our capacity to set up occasional and structural alliances”, added Xavier Ortegat. “This collaboration scheme gives evidence to our willingness and capacity to provide services to professionals in the European Single Market and support the many players who effectively do or want to cross borders.”

During the European Congress, participants discussed about alternative complaints handling procedures in real estate associations. Professionals shared best practices with the British and the German Ombudsman. We were most grateful that David Mair, Head of Unit within the Directorate General Health and Consumers, accepted the invitation and presented the European scoreboards as well. Energy performance was another major point on the agenda of the Congress which gave rise to a lot of discussion.

International meetings always provide opportunities for contacts with colleagues and partner organizations. CEPI took advantage of this Berlin Congress to meet with the Board of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) and discuss the joint European Real Estate Portal Informal contacts took place with the newly elected Chairperson of FIABCI, Alex Romanenko, with a view to explore future collaboration. The collaboration between CEPI and CEI participates to efforts of these different international players to find common ground and efficiently service professionals throughout Europe. CEI and CEPI are jointly representing the vast majority of property brokers and managers over Europe. 

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Timo Multanen, CEPI President
Jens-Ulrich Kiessling, IVD President