CEPI meets... Liisa Koskimaki

CEPI recently met Ms Liisa Koskimaki, Head of Unit at the Directorate General for Energy (European Commission), for a short interview about Energy Efficiency. CEPI stressed that property professionals across Europe were very pleased to see that the importance of split incentives was mentioned in the Energy Efficiency Plan 2011 and asked what the Commission’s future plan on this issue is.

Ms Koskimaki underlined the fact that the Commission recognises that one of the main obstacles for better energy efficiency is the number of people taking decisions on the construction. Moreover, building and property markets and the related legislation differ widely within the 27 Member States. Therefore, the Commission is foreseeing to propose a delegated act on cost optimal levels of building’s energy performance and will also address the issue in the new efficiency legislation.
Next to this, she also emphasized that there are many barriers to energy efficiency. She insists on the fact that energy prices and tariffs do not give the correct messages to consumers: the consumer prices do not include all the costs, for instance environmental costs. Higher energy prices and correctly constructed tariffs could better motivate to save energy. She added that consumers were not yet aware as they should of energy saving opportunities and often focused on the purchase prices. Sometimes also, they cannot afford the renovations which may also be difficult and which take time and efforts. 

We also asked her how property professionals can play a greater part in promoting energy savings. On that point, she answered that both property agents and property managers had a key role in indicating the energy costs or energy efficiency improvements. Indeed they are the direct contacts with prospective buyers or tenants when they consider buying or renting a house. 

About a further EU support to the property professionals regarding energy efficiency, she said that a comprehensive implementation of the Building’s Directive will promote the important work of property professionals for better energy efficiency. She added that the European Commission supports the exchange of best practices via many channels and projects. 

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