Renting in Europe - pan-European facts and figures

What is the total number of households in Hungary, in Italy or in Austria? How many of these rent their home, and what is the average rent? Is a deposit usually required, and if yes in what shape? Gathered with the valuable help of our partner EuroKaution in 2010, CEPI publishes the results of a brief study on renting in Europe...

Find out more about how potential tenants generally find their new home and how many dwellings are rented via internet, or if the local law allows rent deposits, the level of security sought for deposits, if lease guarantees are acceptable in the private sphere, if agreements can be completed and paid via internet… The countries covered include the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden and the UK.

All results can be found by country in the pan-European real estate information portal of our website, under the ImmoLex heading.