Sharing experiences and ideas on the Single Market

The Single Market Forum is taking place in Krakow, Poland on 2 to 4 October 2011. This event is organized jointly by the European Parliament, the Polish Government, and the European Commission. It is the first of a series of similar conferences that will take place in the coming years, regularly gathering decision makers and stakeholders to debate on the development of the Single Market. CEPI will be participating in one of the workshops.

This event aims at having a closer look at the state of the Single Market and how the various linked directives are transposed and applied. Participants are expected to share experiences and exchange ideas and best practice. The exercise will contribute to policy evaluation and help monitoring the implementation of the Single Market Act and its real-life impact.

The conference is expected to bring together more than 1000 citizens, businesses, consumers, representatives of Member States, national parliaments, journalists and European institutions. The programme includes presentation of some stories from citizens and businesses and eight workshops on key areas of the Single Market. CEPI will be specifically active in the workshop on the potential European professional cards, as member of the steering group.