Study tour across the EU for real estate professionals

Once a year, the residential section of the NVM, our Dutch member association, organises a study in a European country for a few days. This year, 40 members of the association spent some time in London to learn about sustainability in the context of urban redevelopment and more generally about the British housing market. Those meetings are a great occasion to exchange views and practices, reinforce the idea of “one” Europe and contribute to the European real estate network.

On this occasion, the group met with Peter Bolton King, CEO of the UK National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), who presented the developments in the UK market. The similitudes between the two markets such as the problems that agents and brokers have to deal with were underlined. The study tour was indeed particularly relevant, as UK and Dutch property markets have many points in common, including low consumer confidence, difficulty to obtain a mortgage despite low interest rates and huge difference between the asked price and the selling price. Different governmental approaches towards energy efficiency were discussed and compared, highlighting once again, according to Peter Bolton King, the different interpretation of European Directives.

More presentations focused on property supply and demand, the redevelopment of the inner-city where the 2012 Olympic Games will take place and plans for post-Olympic conversion of property. The group also visited the harbour Docklands area which has been converted into high-end homes and office space.