CEPI meets... Marian Grubben

In the framework of our series of interviews “CEPI meets”, we recently met with Ms Maria Grubben, Head of Unit Internal Market Information (IMI) System. IMI is an online application that enables public authorities at different levels to communicate with their counterparts in other countries. We asked her how it works in practice...

... and how it relates with two very important pieces of legislations from the point of view of property professionals (the Services Directive and the Professional Qualifications Directive). As CEPI closely follows the possible development of a European professional card, for which the IMI system is likely to play a central role in its functioning, we also asked her to explain what is being done to prepare the IMI system for such a role. She then briefly outlined the most important issues for the IMI system in the future, including making it as user friendly as possible and developing the “single market reflex” for public authorities at regional and local level. “Our main challenge is to make working together with counterparts across borders just as natural and easy for public authorities as it is within their own country”, she concluded.

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