17th Congress of the Polish Real Estate Federation

On 24 May 2012, the Polish Real Estate Federation (PREF) will welcome CEPI General Assembly in Warsaw, Poland, on the occasion of its 17th annual Congress entitled “European Quality Service on the Real Estate Market - New Challenge for Professionals”.

The Congress of the Polish real estate market is an outstanding and notable event for PREF, its members, friends and other market players, and an opportunity for European professionals to meet industry leaders, start interesting discussions and get together with peers.

The agenda will focus on the real estate market in Poland, new investment prospects, property finance and buyers’ preferences, as well as on European perspectives.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to visit Warsaw. As the capital of Poland for over 400 years and the largest city in the country, Warsaw is also a regional centre of cultural, political and economic life - a vibrant metropolis and a city with a unique history. Historic palaces and churches neighbour with modern architecture and cosy cafés compete with fashionable clubs playing contemporary music.

CEPI President, Claudine Speltz, will open the day with a keynote speech on “Local markets, common policy - Europe’s proposal for real estate”. The Congress also features presentations and debates on:
- Real estate market in Poland: Trends and new investment opportunities
- European Union, local market, cross-border transactions and the European professional card concept
- A review of the SPOCS project (Single Point of Contact, launched by the EU in 2009)
- Property financing
- News from the Polish, European and American markets
- What will be the expectations of a commercial tenant in the years to come? (especially in the area of “green” buildings and ecological solutions)
- Changes of residential buyers’ preferences

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For more information, please contact Ms Agniezska Dabrowska, Managing Director of PREF at adabrowska[at]