CEPI meets Ms Amaryllis Verhoeven, in charge of the Task Force Single Market Advice and SOLVIT

At the beginning of March, within the framework of our series of interviews "CEPI meets", we asked the European Commission some questions concerning the service - sometimes still not sufficiently known - offered by SOLVIT to European citizens, and its link with the recognition of professional qualifications and the difficulties met by (real estate) professionals who wish to offer their services in other Member States.

We met with Ms Amaryllis Verhoeven, in charge of the Task Force Single Market Advice and SOLVIT (DG Internal Market and Services), and asked her to describe briefly SOLVIT’s main successes since its creation in 2002, and to tell us more about the « Your Europe » portal. 

SOLVIT handles problems with a cross-border element that are due to the misapplication of EU law by public authorities within the EU Member States. From a professional point of view, "Your Europe" is a portal grouping all practical information and online government services for companies looking for business in another country. Such services can prove very useful for real estate professionals, who are particularly concerned by the recognition of professional qualifications and access to the market when they wish to offer their services across borders. Even if legislation exists to support them, problems can occur and in that case those services can be useful in helping to overcome difficulties. In her interview, Ms Verhoeven explains that the professional should, in the first instance, visit the website « Your Europe », and if he or she needs more personalised advice, submit a question on « Your Europe Advice ». This service offers the possibility to ask a question concerning your rights in the EU to a network of more than 60 legal experts across the 27 Member States.

We also asked her how the recent proposals concerning the Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications, suggesting the creation of a single contact point and a help desk in each of the 27 Member States, will be linked to « Your Europe Advice » and SOLVIT. The last questions focused on the percentage of professionals who make use of Solvit when they go from one country to another, and on the way in which professionals wishing to use the Solvit and « Your Europe Advice » services could be encouraged to ensure the best possible service and to contribute to optimising the way it works...

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