CEPI President joins the Nordic associations in Stockholm

Inhabitants of Nordic countries prepare for « White nights » and for holiday period. White nights without holiday for Claudine Speltz who is multiplying visits to member organizations, calls for attention to the many European legislative initiatives under discussion and learns about regional projects that might inspire the network. The Nordic Housing Insight is such a most interesting common initiative.

The Nordic organizations within CEPI represent a specific and most interesting group in that they regularly meet to discuss market developments and share best practices. The Finnish association KVKL currently chairs this and, Jukka Malila, CEO, kindly invited Claudine Speltz to attend. Baltic associations already expressed interest in joining what appears to become an inspiring initiative.

Beyond meetings, the associations decided to jointly monitor markets, send out common questionnaires to their affiliates, collect and consolidate replies and publish conclusions in a joint publications called “Nordic Housing insights”. The Swedish association “Mäklarsamfundet” kindly offers to do the work so far and the publication therefore is only available in Swedish. We very much hope that this publication will also be made available in English soon and be consulted by professionals from abroad.

Sales and rental price developments of residential properties appear to be of real interest to professionals, households and journalists altogether. Therefore, the Norwegian association NEF is organizing a monthly press conference which is largely attended and broadly released. We know of other CEPI member organizations such as the French, Dutch and German ones that issue three monthly, six monthly or annual data pertaining to the markets. Current market instability apparently calls for more regular updates.

Do you wish more information on this common initiative, please go to the economic pages of the CEPI information portal. For information in other countries, we refer to the national pages of the same portal.