CEPI makes available regulatory information pertaining to real estate activities and professionals in many EU countries

What should I do if I want to accompany a client to buy a property in Spain? Can I work temporarily and occasionally as real estate broker in France or in Italy ? Can I easily work with a foreign investor who looks for a property manager in Germany? What is the legislation with regard property management in Poland alike ? Visit the CEPI web portal and get an answer to your questions.

The CEPI portal provides legislative and regulatory information with regard following issues in many EU countries :

- property sales
- property rents
- property management
- real estate agents
- real estate managers

Property sales mainly looks at sales formalities, obligations of parties involved, taxation, loan contracts, protection of the parties, property and risk transfer as well as financing in 11 EU Member States.

For a large part, this information also relates to property renting. Under this title, the reader will also find detailed information on security deposit agreements.

In the section on property management, full national legislations pertaining to co-ownership is made available : the association, the general meeting, the syndicus, charges, management, works, legal actions and many more.

Regulatory information with regard property agents refer to conditions to access markets, competence profiles and qualifications, codes of ethics, standards and charters of quality care.

So does regulation and information related to property managers ; in addition, it informs about fees and usual tasks and responsibilities.

CEPI aims at updating all this information but relies on partner organizations and voluntary help to gather available materials. It therefore cannot be made responsible for possible mistakes and unaccuracies.

To enter the portal, go to the CEPI's website main page and click on the heading "Real Estate Facts & Figures"