Co-Ownership Issues Affecting Energy Retrofit Programs in Multi-Occupancy Buildings : an information and training event in Paris on September 28th, 2012

The European Forum on Training and Skills for Re-Building organizes a third event to inform about conclusions of its project and call for discussion between stakeholders and interested parties, among which property managers. CEPI herewith informs about an interesting initiative, with participation of some member organizations.

The European Forum on Training and Skills for Re-Building (The Forum) is set up in the framework of the project TRAINREBUILD: Training for Re-Building Europe ( The project intends to design a strategy to generate change in the thinking of public and private building owners regarding the link between energy efficiency and value related to building ownership. The project aims to encourage retrofitting in a wide range of residential buildings, spanning from individual to multi-family houses and from private to social housing.

The Forum is a face-to-face, action-based place to facilitate the exchange of established best practices and evolving innovative solutions related to training, to achieve the energy-efficient retrofitting of Europe’s existing building stock.

The topic for this third Forum event will be: "Co-Ownership and Energy Retrofit Programs in Europe". The event will seek to elicit the views of European co-owners and multi-family building managers associations and local authorities in jointly undertaking local retrofit programs.

While energy efficiency improvements in multi-family buildings (condominiums) are seen as contributing to meeting the EU energy targets for the building sector, the perception is often synonym of neighborhood disputes, delays in decision-making and significant legal obstacles. This situation is likely to slow down the often needed renovation of multi-family buildings, especially as the final decision is often a result of a lengthy process which could be sometimes influenced negatively by external factors.

In addition to specific legal constrains imposed by national legislation, many multi-family building associations face a significant lack of technical skills in energy efficiency renovation and a financial gap, limiting long-term investments. However, on the brighter side, some countries have also experienced a growing interest from proactive co-owners who are keen to be involved in the renovation of their buildings.

It is therefore essential to showcase best practice examples, provide communication tools and direct specific training to multi-family building managers, co-owners associations and local authorities for the energy efficient renovation of buildings.

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