The revision of the Professional Qualifications Directive: the autumn might be hot

The modernisation of the Professional Qualifications Directive is high on the agenda. The issue is far from being settled, we can expect a few more twists and turns along the way but it is important to be able to react to events as they unfold. Much will depend on the outcome of negotiations between the European Parliament and the European Council, during the next months. The CEPI Policy Working Group and its chairperson, Joachim Schmidt, keep member associations informed as to developments. An opinion.

In July, MEP Bernadette Vergnaud  published the IMCO report. Broadly speaking the Vergnaud report welcomes the proposal and the introduction of a European professional card on a voluntary basis with certain reservations. On 18 July the European Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health and Safety published its draft opinion on the proposal.

When the European Parliament returns to work after the summer recess, there will be important decisions to be made about the proposal for the modernisation of the Directive.  The IMCO committee within the European Parliament will have a debate on the Vergnaud report on September 17. October 15 will be the dealine for amendments to the Vergnaud report. On November 5, IMCO will consider the amendments and discuss compromise amendments, with the aim to vote on the report on November 28. The plenary meeting of the Parliament will then have to vote as well.

According to current decision making procedures, Parliament and Council must come to an agreement on this kind of legislative documents before they be adopted and sent to the national legislators for transposition into national law.  the European Council will therefore continue to discuss its own position and it is at this level that the discussions are expected to be most difficult. 

Joachim Schmidt, Chairperson of the CEPI Policy Working group, recently published an opinion and reminded the challenge of the revision of the Qualifications Directive for the real estate professionals.