CEPI welcomes simpler and faster access to standards

On 11 September the European Parliament voted in favour of a new regulation on standardisation covering both products and services. Standards are voluntary guidelines that provide technical or qualitative specifications for a range of products or services to ensure that they meet minimum requirements. Standards for professional services are important in the real estate sector and CEPI welcomes the modernisation of the structure and procedures which support them.

The new regulation modernises the system for the delivery of standards and is the first of the 12 Single Market Act legislative rules to be passed by the Parliament. It aims to enhance the use of standards in the service sector and speed up the development process for information and technology standards. It simplifies the system administratively and financially. It also aims to ensure a better representation of the interests of civil society and of SMEs.

New rules are laid down by the regulation on cooperation among the various players in the standardisation system at national and EU rules. According to the Commission in 2009 standards contributed more than €35 billion annually to European growth.

The new rules enter into force on 1 January 2013 and will apply directly in all Member States.