Michel Dussart, new president of the Institut professionnel de l’immobilier in Belgium

 On 1 February, the members of the national council of the Institut professionnel des agents immobiliers (IPI) chose Michel Dussart to be its new president for a four year term. We congratulate him and wish him success. We would also like to express our gratitude to Luc Mahon, the outgoing president, for his unfailing support of the work of CEPI.

He will take on his new position officially this Saturday 9 February. He will be supported in his task by Luc Mahon, outgoing president of the IPI who will become first vice-president, the second vice-president Yves Van Ermen and the treasurer Filip Van der Veken.

Michel Dussart has worked as an estate agent for approximately thirty years. Very active in the Brabant property market, he initiated think tanks and communication projects such as the Property Circle, the Property Journal and the Waterloo Gazette. He is also one of the founding members of the “Réflexions immobilières”, a think tank defending the interests of professionals.

The election of Michel Dussart comes at an important time in the development of the organisation which is seeing its structures adapted to those of the state, in order to respond to diverse regional needs. New powers have also been granted to it which will enable the institute to prosecute more effectively dishonest activities. In terms of education and qualifications, new initiatives must always better guarantee the quality of service provided by the professionals. They consist for example of an aptitude test which is not to be underestimated and which each candidate to become an estate agent is required to take.

A recent study attests to the effectiveness and success of the IPI’s working measures: the numbers having recourse to estate agents does not cease to grow. Thus it appears that 40% of people who bought or rented a dwelling between 2009 and 2010 did so through the intermediary of an estate agent. If one adds to that the 10% of individuals who developed a project via a property promoter, one could conclude that one half of Belgians venturing into a property transaction do so today with the help of a professional in the sector. As far as individuals who try to sell their houses themselves are concerned, one notes a tendency towards a reduction: from 62% in the years of the 80s, to 56.5% in the 90s and to 43% today. Therefore the efforts of the sector have borne fruit.

It must be remembered that the Institut professionnel des agents immobiliers (IPI) is not an organisation for the defence of the interests of professionals, but an organisation established under public law charged essentially with access to the profession of estate agent (transactions and management) and the deontological control of estate agents.