What is the Future for Professional Services – Regulation, Deregulation or Self-Regulation?

There is an ongoing debate about regulation or deregulation in the EU which is both political and economic in context. To follow this debate it is important to look both at the reasons behind the regulation of professional services and behind arguments for their deregulation.

The regulation of the access to and right to exercise a profession is a  matter of national competence. It is therefore an issue where different regulations exist according to local practices. It is also an issue that is in need of a common frame to make a European Single Market work. 

It is no different in the real estate sector. Substantial differences exist in the levels of professional requirements between EU Member States. There is no one piece of legislation which covers all the real estate professions at European level. Nevertheless there are developments at EU level which do impact on professional services in different ways both directly and indirectly.

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