Review of the Energy Labelling Directive

The European Commission has published a public consultation as part of the review of the 2010 Energy Labelling Directive which is required by 31 December 2014. The consultation, which will also contribute to the review of the Ecodesign Directive, will remain open until 30 November 2013.

The mandatory EU Energy Label was first introduced in 1992 and updated by the current recast Directive in 2010. The original Directive applied only to product appliances. It has been extended to energy-related products having a direct or indirect impact on consumption. It now applies to more than 10 appliance product groups (including for example windows). The main element of the label is a 7 class scale, A-G, rating the energy efficiency of a product. The label also includes information on energy consumption, and usually on other product specific parameters such as size/capacity, noise and water efficiency.

The EU Ecodesign Directive was introduced in 2005 and updated in 2009. It sets out EU-wide minimum energy and environmental performance standards for products. The aim is to remove the most inefficient and worst performing products from the market. It applies to energy using products and energy related products with specific measures implemented for over 20 product groups.

The results of the consultation will feed into an evaluation study by external consultants. A final evaluation report will be published by the European Commission in 2014. There are two versions of the survey available, a short (multiple choice only) version and a full version which allows the possibility to supply comments.