The Dutch housing market bounces back in 2013, with significant regional differences and without any firm predictions

The housing market showed a remarkable recovery in 2013, with each successive quarter experiencing an increase in the number of sales. The number of transactions increased by 2.2%. Price decrease slows down at is limited to 1.1%. Low interest rates and, more especially, the increase in consumer confidence probably resulting in part from the relatively stable political situation, are the main reasons for the resurgence of the market in late 2013. NVM chairman Ger Hukker was careful about making any
firm predictions to the effect that the housing market was over the worst.

In the final quarter of 2013, 20% more homes were sold than in the third quarter. “The fourth quarter is generally better than the third, but a 20% increase is considerable,” claims NVM chairman Ger Hukker, “especially as the third quarter of 2013 was also relatively good.” 

7.1% more homes were sold during the final quarter than last year. Hukker continues, “The signals from the market suggest that, unlike last year, there is a more durable recovery in the housing market, one that is more structural than incidental.” 

Please note that asking prices of houses on the market vary markedly from the actual transaction prices. Supply of homes for sale also continued to shrink.

In 2013, NVM members let many more homes than in the previous year. For the year as a whole, the NVM registered 20,500 rented homes, an increase of 17% on 2012. However, the growth in the number of rental transactions in the final quarter of 2013 was less strong than in the preceding quarters. Rental prices remained stable.  

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