EU Consults on Energy Efficiency

The European Commission has published a public consultation on progress towards the 2020 energy efficiency objective and a 2030 energy efficiency policy framework. This is linked to a Communication “A policy framework for climate and energy in the period from 2020 to 2030” which has been published on 22 January.

Replies to the consultation will be taken into consideration for the follow-up of this Communication and also provide input to the review of progress towards the 2020 energy efficiency target under the Energy Efficiency Directive. The deadline for replies to the consultation is 28 April 2014.

The EU has set a target of energy savings of 20% by 2020. There is likely to be a shortfall in meeting this target, current indications are that a reduction of about 17% in energy use will be achieved by 2020. Therefore policy on energy efficiency needs to be looked at to see what can be improved. The Communication makes it clear that more ambitious energy efficiency efforts are necessary. These issues will be assessed later this year. The Commission is also obliged to conduct a review this year of the Energy Efficiency Directive after which it will decide if any revision is necessary.

The housing sector is one which represents untapped potential for energy savings. Therefore there is the possibility that further policy measures could be introduced aimed at improving energy efficiency in buildings.

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