A CEPI Position paper on access to the real estate professions in the EU.

CEPI issued a position paper on access of real estate professions in Europe. It is a response to a European Commission Communication on evaluating national régulations on access to professions dated  October 2013.

CEPI takes a strong interest in the topic of access to the real estate professions which are semi-regulated with differences in the level of regulation where it exists. On October 2 2013 the European Commission published a Communication on access to the regulated professions relating to the mutual evaluation exercise foreseen in the revised Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications. Real estate is part of the first cluster of sectors for assessment and in this position paper CEPI sets out various points which it asks to be taken into account in the conduct of the mutual evaluation exercise for the real estate professions. In particular we see that:

• The real estate professions are increasingly technical and complex.
• There is a need for frames for the provision of professional services.
• Real estate professionals face ongoing differences and difficulties.
• There is a need for minimum common rules in the European Union. Such minimum common rules should encompass minimum educational requirements, liability insurance, financial guarantees, codes of conduct and charters of quality care all subject to effective forms of control.

We are concerned that to remove national regulations where they exist in the real estate sector could risk creating a vacuum which is not in the interests of professionals or consumers. It is necessary to look carefully at the reasons for the existence of regulation and to consult fully within the sector.

We also caution that decisions on professional regulation should not be made solely for political reasons. Care must be taken to understand the needs of the different real estate markets and legal and economic environments. In this way we hope that a way can be found to enable professional regulation to develop to meet the needs of professionals and consumers and also the completion of the EU Internal Market. 

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