European Commission Consults on a European Professional Card for Estate Agents

A public consultation has been published by the European Commission on introducing a European Professional Card (EPC) for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, engineers, mountain guides and estate agents. The consultation will remain open until 2 June. CEPI strongly supports the introduction of the EPC and is consulting with its member associations in order to respond to the consultation.

The objective is to seek further views on and collect data on issues including the mobility of professionals, application procedures and fees. The responses will be used to assess the appropriateness of the EPC for the professions concerned and the impact on EU countries. 

The EPC is a key element of the revised Professional Qualifications Directive. It will be voluntary and will take the form of an electronic certificate using the Internal Market Information system to enable national authorities to share information quickly and efficiently. Once an EPC has been introduced for a particular profession, a professional wishing to work cross-border will have the choice of applying for such a card or using the existing recognition procedure. However its introduction is subject to certain conditions, there must be sufficient mobility in the profession concerned, sufficient interest from the profession, and the profession (or the education and training leading to it) must be regulated in a significant number of EU countries. 

CEPI looks forward to taking this important dossier further. Information about the consultation is available at  .