European Map of Regulated Professions

The European Commission has published an interactive map of regulated professions. This is the outcome of the “mapping” exercise initiated as part of the work on the mutual evaluation of the regulated professions required by the revised Professional Qualifications Directive which came into force on 17 January 2014.

It was announced in the Communication published by the European Commission on 2 October 2013 on the evaluation of national regulations on access to professions. The map shows the number and distribution per economic sector of regulated professions, the evolution in the number of decisions to offer recognition since 2005 and the details of the national contact points which deal with procedures for the recognition of qualifications. 

The Communication sets out a work plan for the mutual evaluation. EU Member States will be required to publish action plans, based on the European map of regulated professions, describing the measures they will take in order to resolve possible issues identified during the mutual evaluation. The Commission will then draw up a report evaluating the plans of the Member States. 

The numbers of regulated professions differ between countries, as does the percentage per sector. However in all countries the largest percentage of regulated professions is in the health and social services sector. The real estate professions are semi-regulated, and even in countries where they are regulated they form a very small percentage of the regulated professions by comparison to other sectors. It should also be noted that the construction sector is listed separately from the real estate one, with the consequence that real estate is limited to a very few number of professions. Given the importance of the real estate sector to the economy of the EU this may be considered surprising. CEPI calls for careful consideration of the reasons for the existence of professional regulation which are often complex and dependent on a number of factors. 

The European Map of Regulated Professions is available at