The Experience of Businesses with the Internal Market for Services

A fully functioning Single Market for services is an important goal for the European Union and the European Commission is looking for experience-based evidence as to what remaining obstacles exist. It has published a questionnaire aimed at providing it with such evidence, including non-regulatory restrictions and the effectiveness and consistency of the existing legal framework applying to a sample of services activities.

The questionnaire targets all companies, especially SMEs, which provide services cross-border, have established a business in another Member State, have purchased such services or have tried to do so and failed for different reasons. It also invites recipients of such services to provide feedback. 

The questionnaire will serve as a basis for discussions for stakeholder workshops to be organized in autumn 2014 in the Member States in the context of the Single Market Forum 2014/15. The deadline for responding to the questionnaire is 15 November 2014.

It is available at