The real estate industry mourns Hans-Eberhard Langemaack

The German realtors’ association (IVD) and CEPI have lost one of their key figures: Hans-Eberhard Langemaack died in Hamburg on 29 October 2014 at the age of 69. He had been active in the association for nearly 30 years.

Following his first professional stint as in-house counsel for a Hamburg-based foreign trade bank, he assumed the reins of the then Ring Deutscher Makler RDM Verband der Immobilienberufe und Hausverwalter Bundesverband e. V. (Association of German Estate Agents) and after the merger of the federal association with the RDM in 2004/2005 also the reins of the new umbrella real estate association IVD Bundesverband der Immobilienberater, Makler, Verwalter und Sachverständigen e. V. He always paid particular attention to law, lobbying and the representation of interests at European level.

“With the death of Hans-Eberhard Langemaack, the association has lost an important integration and identification figure,” said IVD president Jens-Ulrich Kießling. “We will miss him as an adviser and as a human being.” CEPI President Claudine Speltz expressed gratitude for his ongoing and loyal efforts to build a European point of reference for real estate professionals. “His ability to search for consensus between many different stakeholders and interests made Hans-Eberhard a most appreciated actor”, she told. CEPI Managing Director Xavier Ortegat remembered gentle, tactful, enthusiastic and straightforward collaboration and added: “When long meeting days came to an end, Hans-Eberhard mostly joined or invited colleagues for a better whisky and managed again and again to convince Spanish, Dutch and above all Italian colleagues of the evident predominance of German football in Europe”. 

After retiring from IVD in August 2010, he succeeded Dr Peter Breiholdt as real estate ombudsman in the IVD, an office in which he performed his duties with great commitment to the last, where he was particularly mindful not to be subject to any directives, and as ombudsman, to be bound only by the dictates of the law. Expertise, personal integrity and impartiality characterised the trust in his work.

Claudine Speltz, the members of the CEPI Board and secretariat would like to express deepest condolences to his wife and two daughters.