Urban Intergroup re-established in the European Parliament

The European Parliament has agreed on the new intergroups to be established for the current mandate (2014-2019). CEPI welcomes the announcement that the Urban Intergroup will be re-established under the presidency of MEP Jan Olbrycht and congratulates Mr. Olbrycht on his success in ensuring the continuance of this group. CEPI is looking forward to collaborating with the intergroup and the 76 Members of the European Parliament who have already expressed their interest to participate.
There are 28 such groups within the European Parliament, but this is the only intergroup to concentrate on urban issues and it serves as an important forum for the discussion of issues relating to housing. 

Intergroups can only be created by members from at least three different parties and are open to all political groups. As such they are a useful platform for the exchange of views although they have no legislative power. They also promote contact between MEPs and civil society. Seventy six MEPs have already expressed an interest to participate in the Urban Intergroup. 

CEPI was a member of the Urban Intergroup in the last Parliament. The URBAN Intergroup at the European Parliament has been working successfully since 2004 to ensure that urban related issues are reflected in European Parliament’s discussions and to stimulate exchange of views between MEPs and civil society on topics relevant for urban development, including housing related issues. 

Although the European Union does not have a mandate to take action on housing issues, EU policies are not housing neutral. In the past, the URBAN Intergroup has been a privileged platform to discuss housing related topics. 

Together with the European Housing Forum which it is part of, CEPI actively and strongly supported the re-establishment of the Urban Intergroup. The European Housing Forum is an informal platform gathering 15 EU-wide associations active in the field of housing.