Commission Work Programme 2015: A New Start

On 16 December the European Commission published its work programme for 2015. It sets out focused actions for 2015 in line with the political guidelines issued previously by Commission President Jean Claude Juncker. There are 23 new initiatives proposed on which the Commission is committed to deliver in 2015. There are 80 existing proposals which the Commission proposes to withdraw or amend for political or technical reasons. In addition it has identifies a series of proposals and existing legislation which will be reviewed and amended.

In particular the Commission has committed to deliver in 2015:
- An investment plan for Europe. A plan was announced last month of investment of at least €135 billion in the real economy over the next three years.
- An ambitious Digital Single Market Package.
- The first steps towards a European Energy Union.
- A fairer approach to taxation.
- A European agenda on migration.
- Deeper economic and monetary union. 

The Commission will also present proposals on strengthening the EU’s single market for goods and services. In particular this will include a strategy for a renewed and integrated approach for the single market, to deliver further integration and improve mutual recognition and standardization in key industrial and services sectors where the economic potential is greatest, including business services, construction, retail, regulated professions, advanced manufacturing and combined services/goods provision. A particular focus will be on SMEs. It has also announced that there will be a fitness check of the most relevant EU legislation impacting on the construction sector in the area of internal market and energy efficiency. These are elements of the programme in which CEPI will take particular interest. 

The Work Programme and related documents are available at  .