Open letter to Martine Van Adorp

Dear Martine,

After 18 years of good and loyal service to CEPI, you have earned your right to retire. From now on, we’re sure you'll shine under other skies.
You were a key actor in the development of CEPI: your honesty and your personal commitment have undeniably contributed to its success, so thank you.
We can only wish for you a peaceful retirement full of new challenges, and that you can realize the projects dearest to your heart that you have had to put aside up until now for lack of time.

On this last day of mandate, I would like - both on my own behalf and on behalf of the directors of the CEPI Board that you’ve rubbed shoulders with all these years – to assure you that we have appreciated your professional dedication and your rigor. We are proud and happy to have travelled this path with you.

Claudine Speltz
CEPI Past President 2012-2015

CEPI Past Vice-president 2009-2011

CEAB Past President 2009-2011