CEPI meets in Brussels

On Friday 29 to Saturday 30 April CEPI held its General Meeting in Brussels. The meetings held included meetings of the two professional divisions CEAB (representing property managers) and PAC (representing estate agents). Other meetings covered policy relevant to the real estate professions and organisational issues. Interesting policy topics discussed included the regulation of professional services, energy efficiency, anti-money laundering and international standards. There was also a strong emphasis on education and training and the development of the real estate professions.

The meetings also included a presentation by the European Commission on the European Professional Card (EPC). Since January 2016 the EPC has been available to estate agents. The presentation covered the concept of the EPC and legal background as well as the professions covered. The EPC is a streamlined electronic procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications using the Internal Market Information system. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss experiences with applications for an EPC and its further uptake within the real estate professions. It was also explained how the EPC can provide value for professionals by supplying easy online access to information on requirements, procedures and costs, a quick means of accomplishing all necessary procedures, and multilingual and transparent communication. The information stored in the online system can be updated, with the possibility to reuse valid documents.

CEPI will continue to work on the issues identified as priorities for the real estate professions.