New Global Measurement for Residential Property

The International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) Residential Buildings will provide a uniform global method to determine the size and dimension of floor space measures that can be used anywhere in the world.
Currently, the way residential property is measured can vary significantly from one market to the next. As a consequence, owners, occupiers and investors in domestic property are often left confused or misinformed when it comes to the reported floor space. This causes substantial issues when property is listed off-plan or bought by investors, but it has also led to disputes where rental calculations and service charges have relied on erroneous measurement information.

Published by a coalition of more than 80 property organisations around the world, and drafted by an independent group of 18 experts from 11 countries, IPMS Residential Buildings is the second in a series of global open-source standards aimed at creating a uniform approach to measuring buildings. The first, launched in November 2014, was on office buildings. The IPMS Coalition is working to develop and implement international standards for property measurement across all building classes and will also be setting standards for industrial and mixed use buildings in due course.

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