CEPI President Luc Machon speaks at European Conference on the European Professional Card (EPC)

On 16 May the European Commission organised a workshop in Brussels about the first year of operation of the EPC and alert mechanism. Representatives from the five professions currently able to apply for the EPC and competent authorities from different countries debated progress to date, the challenges to be addressed and how the operation of the EPC can be improved.
The Commission expressed its satisfaction with the progress of the EPC, with more than 2,500 applications being made by the end of March this year and more than 1,000 EPCs having been issued. It is working on a formal assessment which will be available later this year. In the meantime national authorities and professional authorities will continue to work on improving the uptake and operation of the EPC. In particular Luc Machon emphasied the underlying challenges which remain for real estate professionals due to differing levels of regulation within the EU, and called for better communication and clarity about the extent of the activities covered within the EPC procedure, saying that “the European Commission and CEPI should work together to improve communication concerning the EPC”. Information about the procedure and advantages of the EPC has to be made widely available.

Further information about the EPC is available at .