CEPI Brussels Day 2017!

On the occasion of its second annual General Meeting of 2017, CEPI successfully organised a series of institutional meetings for its delegates at the heart of Europe.
Face-to-face meetings with experts of various Permanent Representations and MEPs were organised for delegates gathering in Brussels from all over Europe last week. A CEPI delegation, with more than 20 participants, attended the IMCO Committee meeting of October 11, as part of CEPI’s dialogue with the EP on issues such as the need for reforms in professional services and more.

For our delegates, sponsors, and guests, last week was not only the occasion to attend our “Brussels Day 2017”, but also to participate in person at a series of meetings of our Professional Divisions (CEAB and PAC, focused on the professions of property manager and real estate agent respectively), Permanent Technical Committees involved in EU Policy and Communication, and finally our Board of Directors and General Meeting.

The success of this new edition of the CEPI Brussels Day brought CEPI as a whole to the heart of the European decision-making process and gave our delegates the opportunity to explore and promote views and issues of both national and European interest.