Adoption of key elements of the Clean Energy Package

On 13 November the European Parliament voted in favour of the three of the outstanding elements of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package published by the European Commission in 2016. Agreement was reached on two new targets for the EU in 2030: a binding renewable energy target of at least 32% and an energy efficiency target of at least 32.5%. These policies are expected to lead to a reduction in emissions of around 45% by 2030.
Parliament approved the revised Energy Efficiency Directive by 434 votes to 104 with 37 abstentions, the revised Renewable Energy Directive by 495 votes to 68 with 61 abstentions, and the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action by 475 votes to 100 with 33 abstentions. These are in addition to the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive which came into force on 9 July. The measures adopted by the Parliament now need to be confirmed by the Council before publication in the Official Journal of the EU.

More information about the measures adopted is available at