European Parliament Urban Intergroup

It is proposed to establish an Urban Intergroup at the European Parliament. This will continue the work of the Urban-Logement Intergroup which was successful in raising the profile of housing issues in the last parliamentary term. CEPI warmly welcomes the proposal to establish the Intergroup, and hopes that it will be supported by as many political groups as possible.
In the last European Parliament the Urban-Logement Intergroup played a valuable role in raising the profile of housing issues at the European Parliament. Success stories included the adoption of the draft European Charter on Housing in 2006, the adoption of the Andria report in 2007 and a parliamentary question also in 2007 concerning the request made by the parliament in the Andria report for a study on the cost and demand for housing.

Following the election of a new European Parliament in June 2009, new parliamentary intergroups have to be formed. The campaign to establish the new Intergroup (renamed the Urban Intergroup) in the European Parliament is underway. To be officially approved, each intergroup must be supported by at least three political groups at the European Parliament.

CEPI supports the campaign and hopes that as many MEPs as possible will join it. Once the Urban Intergroup has been officially approved, CEPI looks forward to working with it as a partner organisation.